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 Information *PLEASE READ*

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PostSubject: Information *PLEASE READ*   Sun Feb 05, 2017 1:30 pm

NOTE: (Mobile users only) In order to do most of the actions written here, you will need to put the website into classic mode. Go to the top right of the page, open the drop down menu and select Classic Version. If these options are not available,  it means you are already in the Classic Version.


Hello member! Thank you for joining the Infinity-Gaming Forums. In this topic you will find some basic information to be able to get around the forums.

At the top of every screen, you will find the NavBar. Here you will find these options; Home, Calendar, FAQ, Search, Members, Groups, Profile, Messages, Register and Log In. Log Out will replace Register and Log In if you are already registered.

In order to register for an account, press the Register button and follow through registration. After your account is made, you will need to check your email and click the link that is sent to you from this website in order to confirm your account. Make sure your account username is your Xbox gamertag so we know who is who.

To check timings for a new filming time, go onto the home page by pressing the Home button on the NavBar. Then under the forum section, click on the game you would like to apply for (Call of Duty sniping or GTA 5 Acting). Here you will find a topic called Acting Club/ Sniping Times. Click on this topic and read the timings that are posted.

In order to reply to the topic saying that you are going to participate in the movie for the posted time, press the PM button on the filming times you want to participate in. Make sure you don't press the button for a different filming time because you will not be able to participate if you do this.

Keep checking the calendar to see filming times as well

Another way to say you will participate in the movie is by going to the Home page and then scrolling down to the chatbox and writing the message there.

If you can't find the topic, press Search on the NavBar. Here you can search for a specific topic or post. Set the search to Topic and type in the forum you are looking for to find the topic.

You now understand the basics of this forum! Feel free to explore and find other features that might interest you.
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Information *PLEASE READ*
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